The construction 和 operation of 好多C will create thous和s of jobs 和 apprenticeships, providing opportunities for different skills at each stage of the project.

十博手机客户端需要多种多样的技能, 从建筑和工程到餐饮和酒店, 和 we are already working with local training providers to help people develop the skills we will need on the project.

We want to make sure people living in the region benefit as much as possible. 好多, 十博手机客户端在萨福克海岸的发电站, already provides long-term rewarding careers 和 we want 好多C to do the same.




There will be opportunities available not only with the control room team but also perimeter security 和 visitor search 和 screening, 以及审查现场承包商.


这个角色包括与承建商联络, 管理现场的日常运作职责, assisting the office with ordering parts 和 liaising with suppliers regarding quotes


管理人员在支持专家团队方面发挥着重要作用. They need to be extremely organised 和 have a good underst和ing of what colleagues require to enable works to happen on site.


餐饮助理要确保用餐区域清洁, 适当地呈现和储存, 根据需要操作收银台. 他们将确保遵守所有的健康和安全规定.


司机 are responsible for transporting staff 和 supplier personnel on different routes for 好多C whilst providing good customer service 和 a safe 和 comfortable journey. 一些司机角色将包括混凝土搅拌司机, LGV司机, 扳道员司机, 轻型汽车司机, 小型公共汽车司机, 押运司机及扫路司机


十博手机客户端正在寻找清洁工在十博手机客户端的办公室和地点工作. They will play a key role in cleaning all surfaces, hard floors, fixtures, fittings 和 carpets. 他们将帮助报告事故和事件.


安全小组在现场的主要入口执行任务, 搜索程序, 高能见度巡逻, 制作事故报告并支持紧急服务.



Responsible for organising 和 managing teams to deliver a project on time, 在预算和正确的质量. Projects can range in size from developing an online digital platform to the construction of the Beach L和ing Facilities. Newly qualified project managers will deliver smaller tasks before progressing to more technically challenging projects


Within the enabling team at 好多C you can be involved in environmental, 健康和安全, 政府, 物流和质量.


There will be all sorts of opportunities available at 好多C with the construction team including works managers, 土地测量师, 工程师, 钢铁工人和起重机监工.


Plant operators will drive 和 operate equipment including large earth-moving trucks, 叉车, 起重机和特殊用途机械. 该设备将参与挖掘工作, 挖沟和一般的土和设备运输作业.


这一领域涉及专业工艺, trades 和 specialisms that are needed to run a construction site the size of a small town. 网站运营 will directly contribute to the on-site operational delivery of the 好多C construction project.


这一领域涉及专业工艺, trades 和 specialisms that are needed to run a construction site the size of a small town. 网站运营 will directly contribute to the on-site operational delivery of the 好多C construction project.


土木工程师计划, design 和 oversee construction 和 maintenance of structures such as roads, 铁路, 机场, 桥梁, 港口的, 大坝, 灌溉项目, 发电厂, 以及水和污水系统.


This role will help to contribute to 好多C’s operational delivery, 确保大量设备的使用, 从挖掘机到压路机, 是否每天都在安全、正确地工作.

机械 & 电


公用事业公司 act as the ‘lifeblood’ of any project 和 can come in the form of Water, 电, 液体燃料, 气体(s)和重要的通信, 比如光纤和无线网络. This includes jobs such as Cable Pullers who work across projects including plant, 通信和电子.


绝缘 will be crucial when building 好多C as it will keeping the plant working at the correct temperature when operational. 一般职责包括材料的保温, 管道表面覆层和涂层, 船只, 坦克, 和其他设备或其他机械系统.


专家隧道的机器, as well as a variety of support roles such as surveying 和 lifting will be used at 好多C for its cooling system.


在好多C建造一个码头将会带来2英镑.8 million tonnes of bulk materials to site, 和 reduce the amount of vehicles on the roads. In order to build this structure a variety of job roles are required in a marine, 或海上施工环境.

电 engineering technicians install, commission, maintain 和 repair equipment 和 controls. 他们也校准, inspect 和 test equipment 和 machinery to make sure it works correctly 和 safely.


这个技能在赛兹韦尔C将是至关重要的, 是关于举重的, powering 和 assembly of a loads 和 components into much larger elements of the power station.


这是一个涉及焊接钢板的高技能角色, 连接重要部件的管子或结构钢. Welders will be needed during both the civil engineering 和 the mechanical engineering phases throughout the 好多C project.


As an ecologist at 好多C you would help support the local environment, 为各种野生动物创造林地和树篱, 比如獾和爬行动物, 在施工期间.

What do people working in nuclear have to say about the industry 和 their experience?


好多C has the potential to change the lives of thous和s of people in Suffolk 和 East Anglia for the better, 通过提供工作和帮助发展职业生涯. We are working hard to make those jobs accessible to people across the region – 和 have already taken steps to reach rural areas 和 the larger centres of Ipswich 和 Lowestoft.

社区中心的启动 激发萨福克郡访问社区信托 will ensure that local people from right across Suffolk can access well paid employment 和 develop their careers during the construction 和 operation of 好多C.





你是16-21岁,住在萨福克还是诺福克? 年轻SZC provides access to the many career 和 apprenticeship opportunities across the region.

多样性 & 包含网络

We want everyone who is involved in the new power station to feel welcome, whatever their background.


Browse through some of the job roles that will become available 和 find out where you can study to learn the skills we need.



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